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“Only YOU have the power to create the life YOU desire.”


Christine Zarichuck, Well-being Specialist

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How would you define ‘true wellness’ in your own life?  Would it mean feeling happy, peaceful and calm? Would you have more energy, flexibility and a desire to be active every day? Does it include a solid understanding of how to get healthy and keep it that way?


If you answered YES, you are in a very good company.  There are virtually millions of people who share these aspirations with you.  The good news is that your dream of total wellness is within reach using three key synergic elements.  Let’s take a look at them now.


Your three synergic elements for Well-being


Nutritionally dense foods are PACKED with NUTRIENTS and will keep your MENTAL and PHYSICAL energy levels in-check throughout the day.  Leaving you feeling SENSATIONAL!

Stretching 2018

Daily physical activity will not only rev up your metabolism but will also BOOST your HAPPINESS for up to 8 FULL HOURS! Consider it your daily doze of that LAVISH, LOFTY all-over-good as a GOD/GODDESS feeling!

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MINDFULNESS is the most POWERFUL technique for restoring and keeping your body and mind in equilibrium! It gives both CLARITY to the MIND and BLISS to BODY! ….or shall I say it makes you feel BOLD and BEAUTIFUL!

Art of Wellness Mindful Living Program


Wellness is all about authentic, conscious living. Self-responsibility and accountability are keys to a healthy and happy lifestyle.  Our Art of Wellness Mindful Living Private Coaching Program empowers individuals for transformation, healing, and growth. Only by increasing self-awareness can we begin to explore and learn, taking steps to bring about positive, lasting change. Wellness is an art and we provide gentle, safe methods to discover and explore your vast potential.

Our comprehensive Art of Wellness Mindful Living Program includes 8 components for success:

  • Nutrition: the foundation of all health and fitness
  • Mind-Body Connection: mindfulness
  • Resistance training: increase lean muscle mass and metabolism
  • Cardiovascular exercise: optimize fat burning
  • Flexibility: prevent injury, promote recovery
  • Coaching: knowledge, support, and accountability
  • Positive Psychology: a positive mindset
  • Community: camaraderie and support

Individual/Group Classes and Coaching

Nutrition & Weight Loss

Need a little direction. A Nutrition & Weight Loss Coach provides both strategies and tools to help you attain your results more effectively.

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Fitness Programs

Looking for a way to stay in shape. Core Strength, Stretching and Form Roller classes are great ways to increase muscle mass and stay flexible.

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Mindfulness Meditation

Want to increase your sense of well-being. Meditation is a great way to unwind, relax and soothe the mind. Reconnect Mind, Body and Soul.

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Happy Customers

C'est avec un grand plaisir que je suis les cours de Christine. Pourquoi? Parce que cela se passe dans le respect, la convivialité et la camaraderie. On n'y sent pas la compétitivité et le jugement. Et ça, c'est rare et précieux. Christine est une excellente rassembleuse.

France L.

Après seulement deux cours de Cardio-Toning, je sens déjà une plus grande aisance dans mes mouvements et plus de tonus dans mes muscles. Qui eût cru que quelques mouvements faciles, des rires et de la musique entraînante pouvaient donner des résultats si rapide! Merci Christine Zarichuck et Christine!

Suzie T.

I can highly recommend following the courses at the Christine Zarichuck. I found the exercises and motivational programs to be very well balanced and fun to do! Over the last year I ran the Boston Marathon and completed my first Triathlon. Thanks Christine and Christine Zarichuck.

Kenneth L.

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