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Launching the Art of Wellness FB Community

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Launching the Art of Wellness FB Community


WHOO AH! You’re invited to join my “NEW” Art of Wellness FB Community for both men and women.


This group is for individuals who want to help empower, inspire and uplift each other as they move forward on their well-being journey and enjoy greater abundance.


DO ME A FAVOR? Please SHARE this FB post with everyone today – your family, friends, co-workers, and community. Let’s get as many people on board as possible so that we can all connect and move forward faster and grow together.


I created this group as a way to support one another as we learn how to navigate through the challenges that many of us face on our health and well-being journey.  Let’s Build a Better, Stronger Tomorrow! for ourselves, our family and our community.


It is a closed group so only members can see what’s is being discussed. It’s a safe space to share our stories, ask questions, post articles and connect with other fabulous women!


FIRST: I will be sharing FREE live and recorded training videos on fitness, nutrition, mindfulness, and well-being to help you along your journey, so join our mailing list to get notified and download your FREE  6-Daily Well-being Boosters Tip Sheet for optimal well-being. These six strategies are the underpinning mindset of Art of Wellness™. Hang it up on your refrigerator, office wall or bathroom mirror and use it as a memory aid to help boost your well-being every day. CLICK HERE:  https://www.christinezarichuck.com/art-of-wellness/

SECOND: When you first join, please introduce yourself: where you’re from and tell us a little bit about yourself!




  1. Please be a nice person. No bullying or harassment will be tolerated and no discussions regarding politics nor religion.
  2. We do not promote any specific diet or weight loss program. What we do encourage are healthy eating, nutrient-dense foods, and portion control.
  3. NO SOLICITING OR BUSINESS PROMOTION. The primary purpose of this group is for individuals to empower one another and give them a safe space to share and connect – not to be solicited.


Topics we might discuss are fitness goals and setbacks, positive self-talk, mindfulness practices, healthy eating, what self-care means, how to tune into your body, how to design a stress-free life, and life mastery and wisdom.


If you have any questions, message me (Christine) or email me: christine@christinezarichuck.com.


JOIN NOW!  CLICK HERE:   http://bit.ly/2DAeTAX





Christine Zarichuck

Personal Trainer and

Health & Wellness Coach