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To book an appointment or to inquire about our services please fill in the contact form at the bottom of this page or call me at (514) 707-7722. Long distance Coaching and Consultations can be arranged via telephone or Zoom.

Private 1-on-1 Coaching 

Healthy Eating & Weight Loss, Personal Training, or Meditation Mentoring


3-One hour Nutrition & Weight Loss Coaching Session Package $225


One 55-minute Personal Training Coaching Session $90


One 55-minute Mindfulness-Based Meditation Mentoring Session $70


(Coaching session packages available upon request.)

FREE!  15-min Discovery Coaching Call 

I love coaching, and I have a deep-seated passion for well-being. Let’s see where you are today and discover where you can be tomorrow.

Schedule your appointment TODAY!  by calling:  514-707-7722

Christine Zarichuck 514-707-7722

Live Online Course Mindfulness-Based Strength Practice (MBSP)  

An 8-week, interactive live online program that will help you develop and learn all about mindfulness practices and character strengths practices. Preliminary research finds that MBSP boosts well-being, purpose, positive relationships, and engagement, and will help you deeply express your character. MBSP is the integration of mindfulness (awareness) and character strengths (who we are at our core) practices.  Learn all about your character strengths and how to use them as a roadmap for development and self-exploration. A practical and effective program that can help individuals, families, communities, and organizations to flourish.  This program includes experiential exercises, mindful living meditations, and group discussions. (10 people per group)

Requirements: Due to the interaction of this course it is important to attend all 8 sessions live.

Technical equipment:  A working camera and mic on your computer so that you can be seen and heard and a good WIRED connection to the internet.

Next available course: OCTOBER 2019

Payment can be made with major credit cards via PayPal.